What to look for in a Brokerage

  1. Know the Current Market:
    1. Millennial's (those born after 1980) are the largest buyer group in the world everything is found on their smart phones. (20 – 40 yrs old)
    2. Baby Boomers are the largest group of sellers and they lean towards printed publications for their information.
  2. Where are you seeing the listings from that broker?
    1. The broker’s website must show on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines for the following Website Key Phrases:
      1. Oklahoma ranches for sale,        
      2. Oklahoma cattle ranches for sale,
      3. large cattle ranches for sale in Oklahoma,
      4. Hunting land for sale in Oklahoma,
    2. Land Directories ads take the potential buyer to the Broker’s website for details.  The broker should appear on the following major internet land directories:
      1. Land.com
      2. Lands of America (State),
      3. Land Watch,
      4. Land and Farm,
      5. RLILand.com – goes to 550 Accredited Land Consultants in the cuntry
  3. Equipment & Tools of the Trade:
    1. Four-wheel drive vehicles and ATVs for showing ranch & hunting land.
    2. Drones w/ certified operators for aerial video footage.
    3. Professional staff for editing videos.
  4. Rural Land Credentials:
    3. Specializes in land with 80% of their business in rural properties NOT Residential or Commercial.
    4. Staff with Education and Experience: Agriculture MBA, Feedlot management, Ranch owners and managers.
  5. Offices in Multiple States (attracts more viewers (Buyers)).
  6. Has the most Listings with over 40 acres in a large area.  (Attracts more viewers (Buyers)).
  7. Land Auction Services.  We understand that each property deserves a customized marketing solution designed to fit the sellers needs and the unique qualities of the real estate asset.  Sometimes this means auction services. 
  8. Real Estate Expertise & Experience.  Your broker should not just be a realtor.  They should have education, experience, and expertise in the land industry.
    1. Bob Bahe, Co-Broker of Accredited Land Brokers & WorldClassRanches.com   
      1. Accredited Land Consultant
      2. Member of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission
      3. OREC Contract Committee
      4. Founding Member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the REALTORs Land Institute
      5. Past President of RLI
      6. Land Broker of the Year 2010
      7. Member of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association
      8. Licensed Auctioneer
      9. Feedlot, ranch and horse training experience
      10. Avid hunter
    1. Sandy Brock Bahe, Co-Broker of Accredited Land Brokers & WorldClassRanches.com  
      1. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management
      2. Accredited Land Consultant
      3. Oklahoma REALTORS Land Institute 2011 Land Broker of the Year
      4. Grew up in Southeast Oklahoma timber country with cattle, and horses
      5. Owned and managed two ranches
      6. Over 40 years of hunting experience
      7. 2013 President of Oklahoma REALTORS Land Institute
      8. Past State Director for Oklahoma Association of REALTORS
      9. Accredited Buyer Representative
      10. Licensed Auctioneer
      11. Over 18 years of experience in the real estate business
      12. Member of the National Realtor's Land Institute, Oklahoma Realtor's Land Institute, and Oklahoma Cattleman's Association
      13. Member of Accredited Land Consultant Allies
      14. Supporting member of the National Cattleman's Beef Association
    1. Office Staff
      1. Michelle Brockway, Office Manager, Realtor & Chief Operation Officer.  Education and experience in Technology Software and Graphic Design, and over 28 years of Customer Service Experience
      2. Part-time assistant
  9. Marketing Tools:
    1. Professional Drone Video Presentations
    2. GPS boundaries for buyers
    3. Provides 3D aerials and topo maps.
    4. Provide Google Earth links on their website to show boundaries.
    5. Website that is dedicated to land sales NOT Residential Buyers.
    6. Advertises in at least 3 National Land Magazines.  (Attracts more viewers (Buyers)). At broker’s discretion.
    7. RCS soils and production maps - a must for cattle ranches.
    8. Calculated forage production per cow unit estimates.
    9. Local Climatic information for out of State Buyers.
    10. Rural Water availability maps. Electric availability. Public Access information.                                    
    11. Mineral rights information.
    12. Free Natural gas rights.
    13. Water rights.
    14. Wind rights.
    15. Google map directions downloaded from their website.
  10. Financing:
    1. Must have experience with multiple complex financing options.